Monday 26 December 2011

Review Of The Year

Last December, I met for a drink with one of my oldest and bestest friends, Jimmy Smooth. We hadn't seen each other for way too long. There were very many stories to share. So we invented what isn't so much a game as a conversation format: the Review of the Year.

One person decides an award category - like Best Surprise - and describes what would be awarded - like a jack-in-the-box with your own grinning face. You each then choose whichever experience from your own year best deserves that award - momentary or momentous - and tell that story.

This year Jimmy and I were joined by a few more friends at the Dove to play the review. It's also popped up at Ma'ida with Benoonbenoon, and round my family's Christmas eve table.

Some of my 2011 awards follow. Perhaps it will kickstart my return to some kind of writing discipline. Perhaps perhaps.

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