Monday 14 February 2011

Humbled by serendipity

On my way last night to a meeting re The Loveliness Principle with Rhiannon and Rachael, its two brilliant co-makers; running late as ever. Debated whether to get a taxi as I was so late, but walked to the first bus stop. Ages for a bus, so walked on to the High Street, no cab firms in sight, down to the next bus stop, bus suddenly appeared and due in a minute.

But then a man appears asking for help as his car has stalled. It's not remotely altruism: there's no question but that when on the way to a meeting about this particular project, I have to help.

So me and another give him a push start, and thereby miss the bus. So he offers us a lift.

I accept and ask him just to take me to the nearest cab firm but he insists on taking me nearly all the way there. He's just grateful because his car is working, and he's on his way to the hospital to meet his grandson - his first grandchild - for the very first time.

Very very best to him, and I feel like the title of this post.