Sunday 16 January 2011

Five years ago (almost)

Walking along the South Bank today I paused by a jetty that juts into the Thames. Five years ago (almost) it was one station in an adventure on Valentine's night that I was involved in making, a night of almost alchemical serendipity: nobody died; they made the boat in the nick of time; it was a mild, clear and moonlit February night; three pairs of people met and fell in (some kind of) love; although not made for any reason but the love of it, it catalysed pretty much everything that I find myself doing now.

Today there is one tiny memento of that adventure, a small and well-weathered loop of string that five years ago (almost) had something tied to it, itself now long gone. Spotting that trace, doing a double-take, felt like some kind of magic.

It's there, in the centre just below the lowest rail.

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finlay robertson said...

Way cool. Nice work. Five years. I am scratching my head trying to think of something I have to compare to this ... I'll get back to you.