Sunday 2 May 2010


I flew east from London on Thursday afternoon.

The plane looped north of Iceland to avoid any ash 15000 feet beneath, then over northern Greenland, waves of brilliant white slashed by black rock, this view North.

It then swept over Canada and down the Rockies before bumping down into Los Angeles on Thursday evening, just as the sun was setting.

A couple of hours in a transit room and we took off again out over the Pacific, cutting a south-east diagonal across the ocean. No land bar tiny islands invisible against the black sea, but rolling clouds lit silver by a full moon, and above an inky sky filled with stars I couldn't recognise.

I tried to take a photo but all that exposed was the blink of a red light against the engine.

Better to imagine this view South as the negative of view North.

We crossed the Date Line and landed in Auckland before dawn on Saturday morning. Friday was removed by view South.

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